Brahma House



When There’s No One Else to Turn To…

Brahma House offers abused, neglected and homeless youth a safe haven. At our short-term, residential crisis intervention program, we provide 13- to 18-year-olds with food, clothing, counseling, health care, education and independent-living skills.

More than 100 youth find a temporary home here each year. They are victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, a parent’s addiction, abandonment or other family crises.

Our goal is to help these teens deal with difficult family situations and reunite them with their families. When that isn’t possible, we help them find alternate stable homes where they can thrive.

Brahma House is a licensed 12-bed group home and a licensed 4-bed shelter. That means we can respond to a variety of situations and accept referrals 24 hours a day from the state child welfare agency and family courts, as well as walk-ins. By providing displaced youth in New Jersey with structured residential treatment and evaluation services, we work to build their self-esteem, improve their education and help them develop the skills they need to succeed. 

The Brahma House program offers individual, group, and family counseling. Each resident is assigned a case manager and treatment coordinator who jointly develop a treatment plan. The case manager coordinates the assessment and schedules all necessary appointments, while the child care staff provide transportation to community-based services.

Although our residents can’t be with family and friends, we try to create a warm, caring environment with a balance of educational, athletic, and leisure-time activities that take place in-house, in the community, and throughout New Jersey and neighboring states.

Residents attend either their current school or the Brahma House Transitional Learning Center (TLC). This in-house basic-skills education program is managed by a full-time education coordinator who is a certified teacher. TLC students receive individualized instruction and daily evaluations of their progress. Their work is graded, and they receive full credit from their sending school district.

We work hard to meet the emotional and physical needs of our residents. In June 2007, we completed a three-month renovation to promote comfort, safety and efficiency. 


 Brahma House