Crisis Intervention


When a child is traumatized by abuse, neglect or violence in their home, the first thing they need is a safe haven. A crisis intervention center is the first step in handling the emergency and dealing with the issues.

Once the immediate needs of food, shelter and safety are taken care of, trained staff and social service agencies can work with children and their families to resolve conflicts, heal wounds, teach healthy ways of interacting and plan long-term solutions.

It may be a matter of days…or as long as a year until families can be reunited or an alternative healthy living arrangement can be found.

Some of the services provided by Brahma House include individual, group, and family counseling; trauma assessment and recovery plan; enrollment in school; medical health services including drug abuse assessment, HIV/AIDS prevention education and psychiatric/physiological evaluation; independent-living skills education, transportation, case management, recreation, advocacy and referral. Read Talisa's Story

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Brahama House - Crisis Intervention Program