There are many opportunities for you to lend your time and talents to improve the lives of abused, neglected and homeless teens in your community.

Please print the volunteer application and fax it to 908-526-4433.

Special Skill Volunteer

Any volunteer who has a special skill (e.g., cooking, arts & crafts, karate, creative writing) would have a set day and time to come and meet with several residents to teach them the skill.


Some residents have missed a lot of school because of their family situations and are behind in their classes or need help with particular subjects. This position requires a minimum of one hour per week with a predetermined date and time.  

One Shot Deal

Volunteers interested in taking on a one-day project are encouraged to bake cookies with the residents, plant flowers, help wrap holiday gifts, or organize a similar activity with the volunteer coordinator. 

Board Member     

The board of trustees is made up of qualified volunteers responsible for adopting policies, guiding organizational development, overseeing financial management, and ensuring the organization’s accountability to the public. Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 pm. Board members are expected to participate in subcommittee meetings and support fundraising events. 

Special Event Committee Volunteer     

Volunteers can work with staff and board members on a special fundraising event. Activities would include such things as selling tickets, soliciting ads and sponsorships, administrative work, helping with set up and event day efforts, and other activities associated with the event.   

Administrative Help 

Assistance with administrative tasks, such as filing and logging information in the database, is always needed. Knowledge of computer applications is required.  

Questions or ideas for other ways to help? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .