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Somerset Home Scholarships

When she was removed from her home at age 13 because of her mother’s drug addiction, Nicole had no idea what her future would hold. She certainly never thought college would be part of it.

But Nicole is now a student at Middlesex County College, paid for in part by a scholarship from Visions and Pathways' endowment fund.

The Visions and Pathways Endowment Fund provides educational scholarships to youth who attend a post-secondary educational institution and have lived in one of our group homes.

The endowment fund was created in 2005, and the first year, five $500 scholarships were awarded to residents graduating from high school or finishing a year of college. The number has grown ever since, letting students know we will be there to support them in their journey to becoming successful adults.

Teenagers aging out of the child welfare system don’t have a support system to help them through the process of choosing a college, applying for financial aid, finding housing – the kind of support that most of us take for granted.

If you would like to be part of that support system for deserving students at Visions and Pathways, consider contributing to the endowment scholarship fund.